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Please find the privacy policy for the website of provided by The Bissell Companies, Inc., the legal owner of the site. We have created this privacy policy on behalf of our entities’ websites and how we collect information, how we use it, and how the use of this information benefits your experience on our websites.

Bissell Websites

In order to provide multiple access points to the services and products Bissell operates directly, websites, including, ,,,,,, and, may ask for and collect information. Any one of these websites may ask for and collect personally identifiable information in order to improve your experience and provide you with relevant information.

Online Technologies

Bissell may use cookies, invisible pixels and web beacons to obtain information about you while visiting our website. Bissell cookies are limited to our website only, and are not designed to follow you when traveling on the Internet after leaving Bissell owned websites. We track the usage of our websites in order to better meet user needs and provide relevant information. Please note that in addition to Bissell cookies, various third parties may also place cookies on your computer’s hard drive. Bissell is not responsible for the presence or absence of third party cookies, or for the technological capabilities or practices employed by third parties in connection with third party cookies.

Bissell may also use invisible pixels, sometimes called web beacons, to count how many people visit certain web pages. Information collected from invisible pixels would be used to track data but would not contain personally identifiable information. Bissell may use this information to improve marketing outreach and content.


In an effort to anticipate users’ needs, Bissell provides links to other websites. Bissell is not responsible or liable for any content presented by or contained on any independent website, including, but not limited to, any advertising claims or marketing practices. While we will protect user information on Bissell owned and operated websites, we will not be responsible for any other websites, their respective privacy policies or how they manage user information. We encourage users to review the privacy statements and policies of other websites to understand how they treat information.

Updates to the Privacy Policy:
Bissell may amend this privacy policy at any time. Updated versions will be posted to our website and date stamped so that you are always aware of when the privacy policy was last updated.

Revised: January 2, 2014

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